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Rigging tools

Rigging tools
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Sewing Palm

A leather tool used to hand-sew harness and other heavy material. Right hand. ..

$16.00 Ex Tax: $16.00

Spike packing tool replacement cord

Replacement cord for the Spike packing tool.   ..

$11.00 Ex Tax: $11.00

Square reserve tension device

Fabricated of steel and cadmium plated. Built to accept rapid links without turning them 90 degrees...

$29.00 Ex Tax: $29.00


These fids are made from stainless steel. Each fid is about 3 1/4" long and the set has one 2.25mm i..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $33.00

Super Tack Cord 250-Yard Roll

Super Tack Cord is a must-have for all riggers. This is a spool of waxed, flat-braided nylon mini..

$23.00 Ex Tax: $23.00


  Helpful aid in closing containers. Built of hig..

$14.00 Ex Tax: $14.00


A must for the professional rigger or parachutist. This packing stick measures 9 1/2" X 1 1/2" X ta..

$29.00 Ex Tax: $29.00

Tension Board only

Adapt your own hardware to fit your needs. For the do-it-yourself Rigger/Jumper ..

$21.00 Ex Tax: $21.00

Tension Device

  Consisting of: Spreader Bar, Friction Tie Down,..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

The Pocket Rigger Kit (PRK-1)

The Pocket Rigger Kit is designed for military and civilian use as a dedicated field rigger tool kit..

$495.00 Ex Tax: $495.00

Type IIA sleeving white (100y roll)

Main Closing Loop Type IIA Sleeving 100-yard Roll. White sleeving for Type II line that has been ..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

Type IIA sleeving white by yard

Is used to make closing loops. Colour: white    ​Price per yard ..

$0.30 Ex Tax: $0.30

Ultimate closing device - 12

The Rigger's new best friend, and most versatile closing device available. This device can help shor..

$63.00 Ex Tax: $63.00

Ultimate closing device - 6

The Rigger's new best friend. This device can help shorten the time to close a reserve container ove..

$43.00 Ex Tax: $43.00

Wood Packing Stick

A must for the professional rigger or parachutist. This packing paddle is 15" long and has the tape..

$13.00 Ex Tax: $13.00