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PD Katana skydiving canopy

o you’ve decided to step it up from your Sabre2… The Katana is a fully elliptical nine cell canopy that is the ride of a life time for the experienced canopy pilot. Warning: this canopy is not for the faint of heart. Soft smooth openings, long control range, steep dive, light front riser pressure and powerful flare make the Katana an excellent choice for those looking for the engine to push their limits. Whether you’re considering an 83 or a 170 square foot wing, the Katana can provide the canopy enthusiast with the ride they are looking for now, and will continue to challenge their piloting skills for years to come. The Katana may look similar to a Stiletto at first glance, but beneath the surface they are two completely different machines!

PD Katana wing load chart
Katana-083 83 VLC N/S N/S N/S 107 (49)* 142 (65)* 160 (73)* 15.08 5.94/4.04 2.74:1
Katana-089 89 VLC N/S N/S N/S 116 (53)* 155 (70)* 175 (80)* 15.62 6.15/4.19 2.74:1
Katana-097 97 VLC N/S N/S N/S 128 (58)* 171 (78)* 193 (88)* 16.30 6.42/4.37 2.74:1
Katana-107 107 VLC N/S N/S N/S 144 (65)* 192 (87)* 216 (98)* 17.12 6.74/4.59 2.74:1
Katana-120 120 VLC N/S N/S N/S 162 (74)* 216 (98)* 243 (110)* 18.13 7.14/4.86 2.74:1
Katana-135 135 VLC N/S N/S N/S 176 (80)* 229 (104)* 257 (117)* 19.23 7.57/5.15 2.74:1
Katana-150 150 VLC N/S N/S N/S 195 (89)* 242 (110)* 271 (123)* 20.27 7.98/5.43 2.74:1
Katana-170 170 VLC N/S N/S N/S 221 (100)* 255 (116)* 285 (130)* 21.58 8.50/5.78 2.74:1

VLC = Varies with landing conditions. N/S - Not Recommended

Custom canopy orders:

After designing the canopy on PD's web site, you can submit the design details by choosing UAB Pikstipa as your dealer.

Stock canopy orders:

After selecting the stock canopy on PD's web site, you can submit the stock identifier details by choosing UAB Pikstipa as your dealer.

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PD Katana skydiving canopy

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