Get a complimentary L&B Viso2+ digital altimeter with a full gear package

Sunrise Manufacturing International Inc

Sunrise Manufacturing International Inc
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Wings Package (free Cut-In laterals, free L&B Viso2+ altimeter)

Package:  Wings container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy, AAD.   Wings rigs comes complete with ..

$5,450.00 Ex Tax: $5,450.00

Real-X (full version)

Container Sizes   Container Size             Canopy Size - Main / R..

$1,550.00 Ex Tax: $1,550.00

Wings (free Cut-In laterals)

Wings rigs comes complete with the following as standard: Main Non-Collapsible Pilot Chute with P..

$1,530.00 Ex Tax: $1,530.00

Wings Student articulated adjustable

All Wings harness and container systems come standard with the followings options: Reserve Pilot ..

$1,745.00 Ex Tax: $1,745.00

Wings Vision (free Cut-In laterals)

  Custom Wings Vision standard container. The Wings Vision by Sunrise Manufacturing is an update ..

$1,620.00 Ex Tax: $1,620.00