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Performance Designs

Performance Designs
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PD Horizon skydiving canopy

After years of development, we are excited to introduce PD’s first wingsuit-specific canopy HORIZO..

$2,290.00 Ex Tax: $2,290.00

PD Sabre2 skydiving canopy

    The Sabre2 is a powerful semi-elliptical nine cell canopy that provides performance that..

$2,390.00 Ex Tax: $2,390.00

PD Spectre skydiving canopy

The lightly tapered seven cell Spectre is one of the most popular canopies we have ever produced. ..

$2,320.00 Ex Tax: $2,320.00

PD Reserve canopy

Looking for a tough, highly capable reserve that has stood the test of time? How does a 20 year tr..

$1,440.00 Ex Tax: $1,440.00

PD Optimum Reserve canopy

The Optimum Reserve is now offered in sizes ranging from 99 to 253 square feet. It is made from a ..

$1,750.00 Ex Tax: $1,750.00

PD Katana skydiving canopy

o you’ve decided to step it up from your Sabre2… The Katana is a fully elliptical nine cell canopy..

$2,645.00 Ex Tax: $2,645.00

PD Lightning skydiving canopy

"I want a canopy designed specifically for canopy relative work, a canopy that has proven itself in ..

$2,325.00 Ex Tax: $2,325.00

PD lineset kit

Replacement Performance Designs Main Parachute Canopy Lineset. Note canopy model and size in text..

$280.00 Ex Tax: $280.00

PD Navigator student canopy

The Navigator is a state of the art student canopy. It offers an unparalleled combination of perfo..

$2,130.00 Ex Tax: $2,130.00

PD Pulse skydiving canopy

    The Pulse by Performance Designs is a lightly elliptical nine cell canopy designed especia..

$2,410.00 Ex Tax: $2,410.00

PD Stiletto skydiving canopy

At the time of its release, the fully-elliptical 9-cell Stiletto was seen as the highest performance..

$2,535.00 Ex Tax: $2,535.00

PD Storm skydiving canopy

Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Rain… oh, the canopy. With great openings and a powerful flare at lan..

$2,535.00 Ex Tax: $2,535.00

PD Velocity skydiving canopy

Performance Designs Velocity has set the standard for crossbraced canopy performance. This canopy ..

$3,250.00 Ex Tax: $3,250.00

Valkyrie RDS slider

Valkyrie RDS Slider  ..

$385.00 Ex Tax: $385.00

PD Line Sample Chart

This sample will provide you with a list of all the line types offered by PD, including information ..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $39.00