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Icarus Canopies Spain

Icarus Canopies Spain
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Icarus Equinox student main canopy

Equinox: The Entry to Flight. Recognizing the learning issues canopy students face when they star..

$2,090.00 Ex Tax: $2,090.00

Icarus Neos skydiving canopy

The NEOS is the latest ZP 9-cell high performance canopy from Icarus. The unique design combines cro..

$2,630.00 Ex Tax: $2,630.00

Icarus SFIRE skydiving canopy

We are proud to introduce the new S Fire!The new Safire. So much better we gave it a new name.S..

$2,550.00 Ex Tax: $2,550.00

Icarus Tandem TX2 canopy

We are proud to introduce our new tandem canopy - The TX2!Dropzone owners and tandem instructors are..

$4,400.00 Ex Tax: $4,400.00

Icarus XFIRE skydiving canopy

X FIRE CHARACTERISTICSRecommended Wing Loading: 1.4 - 2.4 psfSize (Sq. Ft.)Real Size (Sq. Ft.)MSW (L..

$2,695.00 Ex Tax: $2,695.00

Icarus NANO reserve canopy

Icarus NANO Reserve: High Tech, Low Volume, Dependable Durability. The ICARUS NANO Reserve has re..

$1,750.00 Ex Tax: $1,750.00

Icarus reserve canopy

Icarus Reserve Canopy: Your Last Line of Defense. ICARUS Canopies has gone again ONE STEP AHEAD a..

$1,450.00 Ex Tax: $1,450.00

Icarus Omni skydiving canopy

Icarus Omni: Nothing Else But Fun. ICARUS Omni, the ultimate 7-cell tapered canopy. This all purp..

$2,280.00 Ex Tax: $2,280.00

Icarus Spain Linesets

These linesets are built in the Icarus Support Center by factory trained technicians to original fac..

$290.00 Ex Tax: $290.00

NZ Aerosports Icarus Lineset

These linesets are built by NZ Aerosports  factory.   Canopy Date of Manufacture: ..

$290.00 Ex Tax: $290.00