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Wings gear Package ( free L&B Viso2+ altimeter)

Package:  Wings container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy, AAD.


Wings rigs comes complete with the following as standard:

Hip rings

Cut inf Laterals

Main Non-Collapsible Pilot Chute with Plastic Handle and Bridle

Main Risers

Main Toggles

Main Cutaway Handle

Main Deployment Bag

Reserve Pilot Chute

Reserve Free Bag and Bridle

Square Reserve Toggles

Reserve Pilot Chute Cap (Pop Top)

Reserve Ripcord Assembly

Freestyle Legpad Option



Anti-Line Twist Main D-Bag

Line twists can be a real problem, especially with today's elliptical canopies.

We have reduced this problem with an innovative way of stowing the canopy lines.

Instead of the traditional side of the bag stows, the new bag keeps all lines and stows on top of the D-Bag.

This keeps the tension during deployment in the center of the bag instead of on the sides, which can cause the bag to teeter totter back and forth, potentially leading to line twists.

Riser covers

Sunrise Rigging believes that a riser cover design should be simple, but effective.

Too many of today's systems have problems with riser covers opening at the wrong time.

There is a fine line between making them too tight and obstructing your openings; and/or, too loose and having them open unexpectedly.

We found that the number one problem was that once a rig has 50+ jumps on it, the stiffeners inside the tuck tabs begin to bend abnormally.

This is due to the fact that when a rig is packed, the shoulder straps need to bend whether it's being worn or not.

The Wings riser covers were designed so the bend in the shoulder strap is not in the tuck tabs, therefore preventing this bend in the stiffener.

This in turn will keep our tabs closed when they are meant to be closed, and open when meant to be open.

Bottom of Container Pouches

To avoid the hassle of replacing a spandex BOC pocket every 200-300 jumps, we also offer a cordura pouch which is designed into the container.

It is manufactured with the same 1000D cordura as the container to reduce wear and tear.

We have also developed a larger, spacious pouch to allow the pilot chute to be flattened, giving the bottom of the container a cleaner, sleek look.

Freestyle Handle

In addition to the new pouch design we have also invented a new type of handle for the throw out pilot chute, which we call the Freestyle Handle.

Here we have combined the low profile advantage of the PUD pull out system (pictured below) with the throw out pilot chute.

This new cutting edge design will drastically reduce the potential of premature deployment.

There is NO bridle exposure and the Freestyle Handle is easy to grab, while remaining tight and smooth with the bottom of the container.

Overall Comfort

Not until now has there been a harness that is as comfortable on the ground, in the aircraft and especially under canopy.

Wings harness configuration is designed so that when standing erect there is no unnecessary tension placed on the hips, chest or legs.

When sitting in the aircraft the harness flexes so that it forms to your position instead of restricting you.


Wings gear Package ( free L&B Viso2+ altimeter)

20% deposit for custom orders

We require only 20% of advance payment for all custom orders (rigs, canopies, helmets, suits)

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Get free Viso2+

Get a complimentary L&B Viso2+ digital altimeter with a full gear package

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